Our O’Fallon Dentist Gives You Dietary Suggestions To Boost Your Oral Health

Written by Dr. Brace on May 29, 2018

More and more patients are becoming interested in how their eating and drinking habits may be affecting their smiles. We’re here to help you optimize your oral health in every way, and that includes being thoughtful about your diet. So, keep reading to learn more from our O’Fallon dentists about what types of foods and drinks to look out for.

The primary culprit when it comes to harmful foods and drinks is sugar. The oral bacteria that live in your mouth feed on sugar, so when you consume a sweet treat, these bacteria go into a frenzy. The more they are able to feed, the faster they are able to grow and multiply. And, when you eat something sugary that is also sticky, so it gets caught between your teeth, the bacteria can stay active even longer. It’s a good idea to limit the amount of sugar you consume, and to only indulge in short intervals, rather than continuously throughout the day. You can also get into the habit of rinsing your mouth with water after consuming something sweet.

Another threat to your oral health is acid. Acidic beverages like soda, fruit juice, coffee, and red wine, all temporarily soften dental enamel. During this period of time, which lasts for about twenty minutes to a half hour, your enamel is at risk of thinning and damage.

Whenever you consume something acidic, try to drink some water, and rinse your mouth with water. Also, be sure to wait at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking to brush your teeth, as brushing during this period of time may inadvertently wear away enamel.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your oral health, it may be time to look at your diet, and make some small adjustments. As always, our O’Fallon dentists are here to give you additional information and guidance, so just give us a call to get started!