Our O’Fallon Dentist Discusses The Importance Of Developing Trust Between Patients And Dentists

Written by Dr. Brace on Jun 20, 2017

Dental anxiety is a very real phenomenon that can make it difficult for people to get dental care when they need it. Our O’Fallon dentists work hard to keep dental treatment as comfortable, convenient, and stress-free for our patients. One thing that we have learned from years of experience is that trust is a vital component of stress-free dental care. Keep reading to learn more.

Many people feel uncomfortable and even stressed out by the idea that they will be incapacitated in the dentist’s chair. They worry that they will feel out of control, and that they won’t be able to communicate in the dentist’s chair. Developing trust with your dental team is crucial to dealing with these concerns. When you know that you and your dental team are one the same page, you can relax in the dentist’s chair.

Developing trust both results from and fosters open communication with your dentist. As you are preparing for dental treatment, talk to your dentist about your goals, concerns, and any prior dental experiences that may be relevant. You should feel supported and heard by your dental team, and this begins with an honest discussion of your feelings about dentistry.

It’s important to know that one of the most popular sedation options in our office—oral conscious sedation—allows you to remain responsive to our dental team throughout the treatment process. This stress-reducing treatment helps you breeze through dental treatment, while retaining your ability to reply to our dental team.

If you have had unsatisfactory dental experiences in the past, don’t let that keep you from getting the treatment you need in the present. Our O’Fallon sedation dentists can give you more information about the relaxation treatments we offer as well as the strategies we use to keep the treatment process transparent and stress-free for our patients.