O’Fallon Sleep Apnea Dentist Helps People Avoid Severe Sleep Apnea Issues

Written by Dr. Brace on May 14, 2014

O’Fallon Sleep Apnea Dentist Helps People Avoid Severe Sleep Apnea Issues

Sleep apnea, like many health issues, only becomes more severe and problematic the longer that it goes untreated. The key to effective sleep apnea treatment, therefore, is to identify and start treating sleep-apnea-related breathing problems as soon as they pop up.

Our O’Fallon sleep apnea dental team has put together this list of some warning signs of incipient sleep apnea. For example, you may start to notice:

· That you are snoring loudly

· That you are waking throughout the night—you may even find yourself gasping or choking awake

· That your head and/or neck hurts when you wake up in the morning

· That you are feeling fatigued during the day

· That your mouth is dry when you wake up in the morning

If you are able to get proper sleep apnea care when you first notice these early problems, you can potentially avoid many of the very serious sleep apnea issues in the future. Without effective treatment, sleep apnea can affect your overall health, as well as your sleep quality.

Whole-body health problems—including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure—have all been linked to oxygen deficiency caused by sleep apnea. Additionally, when you fail to get a full, restful night’s sleep for a long period time you will likely suffer from recall and cognitive problems, chronic fatigue, and headaches.

If you start to notice that your sleep pattern is disrupted throughout the night, our O’Fallon sleep apnea dentist office is here to give you the support and high-quality care that you need. You can reach our dental team by calling our office, submitting an inquiry through our website, or stopping by! And feel free to take a look at the sleep apnea treatment portion of our website for even more sleep apnea information.