O’Fallon Sedation Dentist Helps Patients Stay Calm During Dental Treatment with Oral Conscious Sedat

Written by Dr. Brace on Jun 5, 2013


Do you consider yourself a nervous dental patient or a person who experiences disruptive fear of the dentist? If so, sedation and relaxation dental treatments may be able to help you overcome your anxiety and get the treatment that you need. Our O’Fallon sedation dentists are happy to offer oral conscious sedation to our patients. This treatment is helping more and more patients conquer their dental fears!

Oral conscious sedation differs from other relaxation dentistry treatments in that this treatment actually starts working before you even come into the dentist’s office. Our dentist will prescribe you a small pill to take about an hour before you come in for treatment. Once you take the pill you will begin to feel calm, relaxed, and worry-free. Remember—you will need someone to drive you to and from the dentist’s office, because you will be feeling so relaxed!

The effects of oral conscious sedation will last throughout your dental appointment—you will come out of sedation once you are resting back at home. During treatment you will stay conscious—so you will always be able to communicate with and respond to our dentist. However, once the oral conscious sedation wears off, you may feel as if you were unconscious, because you likely won’t remember any part of the treatment process!

Oral conscious sedation can help nervous patients make it to their dental appointments without panicking. This treatment is also useful for patients who are undergoing lengthy dental treatment. When patients are sedated, they can receive more dental treatments in one session without becoming fatigued. This ultimately saves you time and money!

If you think oral conscious sedation may be right for you, call our O’Fallon sedation dentist office for more information. No matter what your dental concern, we can help you find a treatment that works for you.