O’Fallon Dentist Combines Various Dental Treatments For Exceptional Results

Written by Dr. Brace on Mar 1, 2016

In order to improve the respective appearances and structures of our patients’ smiles our O’Fallon dentists often combine treatments that work well together. In today’s short article we will be reviewing some treatments that are often used togeteher to deliver great results. As you’ll see, the possibilities are practically endless!

Let’s start by talking about a patient who really wants to achieve a smile transformation. Maybe this patient has existing dental damage; they may have even lost some teeth. On top of all of this, they also want to refresh the appearance of their healthy teeth. We could…

· Use dental bonding to repair broken teeth

· Cap damaged and infected teeth with crowns

· Replace missing teeth with dental implants or bridges

· Lighten healthy teeth using professional whitening treatments

· Apply dental veneers over unsightly enamel, or to improve the alignment of the smile

Because all of these dentistry options are customizable, they can be used together and still look seamless and natural. We’ll make sure that the color of your dental bonding, veneers, and replacement teeth match your natural enamel. For this reason, it is best, if you are interested in whitening your smile, to lighten natural enamel before undergoing these treatments. That way, we can make sure that your bonding and restorations match your post-whitening smile.

As you’d imagine, dental patients who have relatively minor dental concerns can easily use treatments like professional whitening treatments, dental bonding, and veneers together to refine and rejuvenate their smiles.

The key is that our dental team is able to customize every treatment plan to suit our patients as individual. There is no “cookie cutter” solution in our office!

If you would like more information about any of the treatments we offer, please feel free to call our O’Fallon dental team, or contact our office through our website!