O’Fallon Dentist Answers Common Patient Queries About Flossing

Written by Dr. Brace on Dec 3, 2013

When is the last time you flossed your teeth? Last night? Last week? Last year?

You may be surprised to know that many adult patients neglect to floss their teeth on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this puts these patients at risk of suffering from tooth loss, bone deterioration, and gum tissue destruction. Flossing is a simple step that makes a big difference in the health of a patient’s smile. Our O’Fallon dentist office is here to give you the information you need—keep reading!

Q: What is the right schedule for flossing?

A: Our dentist recommends that all patients floss their teeth at least once a day. If you stick to this schedule, you will be able to clear away a lot of bacterial plaque before it calcifies into tartar on your teeth.

Q: Should kids floss?
A: Yes! Flossing everyday will not only help children maintain strong teeth and gums, it will also help them build health habits for when their adult teeth come in. Make flossing a regular part of your child’s dental hygiene routine, and it will start to feel like second nature to them.

Q: What is the right type of floss to use?

A: There are many types of floss available commercially—waxed, non-waxed, mint, unflavored, etc. You should pick whatever type of floss is most pleasant for you to use. Used every day, all of these types of floss will help to keep bacteria and dental decay at bay.

Do you have further questions about flossing or daily oral hygiene in general? If so, our O’Fallon dentist office is here to help you. You can give us a call to get more information or to schedule your personal consultation with our dental team. No matter what the current state of your oral health, we can help you achieve a smile that truly shines.