Are You Doing These Key Things To Care For Your Smile Every Day?

Written by Dr. Brace on Nov 27, 2012

Our O’Fallon dental team is here to help you take control of your daily oral hygiene routine, and get the most out of your dental care. Nobody sees your smile more than you do, and nobody knows your smile better than you do. Because you care for your smile every single day, you are the first line of defense against dental infections and decay.

So adopt these simple strategies to maintain the appearance and the health of your smile. You’ll be amazed at how simple and straightforward it is!

1. Rinse your mouth during the day

We already know that it is impossible to totally avoid plaque accumulation. However, you can minimize the amount of damage that this plaque does by keeping it from sitting on your smile for too long. After you eat or drink, take a second to swish water vigorously around your mouth. This will dislodge dental debris, and help to refresh your smile.

2. Snack smartly

You probably already know that you should limit the amount of sugary and carbohydrate-rich foods/drinks that you consume. But, it also matters how and when you eat and drink these things. When you indulge in sugary snacks, try to eat/drink them in a short amount of time, rather than having a little bit throughout the day.

3. Floss

Make sure that you are flossing once a day—the best time to floss is in the evening right before you brush your teeth. Additionally, if you get something stuck in your teeth during the day, please reach for floss rather than using a metal or wooden toothpick! Floss is more effective, and it is much less likely to damage your gum tissue when you use it.

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