Achieve Results In Just One Day With Help From Our O’Fallon Dentists

Written by Dr. Brace on Aug 4, 2020

Achieve Results In Just One Day With Help From Our O’Fallon Dentists

So many people find it difficult to make time for dental treatment. Our O’Fallon dentists get it, which is why we have made it such a priority to offer transformative treatments that deliver same day results. In just one appointment you can benefit from… 

Thorough Cleaning: any treatment plan will begin with a comprehensive dental cleaning and assessment. This is so important in order to maintain oral health, but it can also improve dental aesthetics; it’s easier to see your white, healthy enamel when we are able to clear away plaque! If it has been a while since you have been in for dental treatment, this is the time to get back on track. 

Dental Whitening: this aesthetic treatment is designed to lighten stains and discoloration. You never have to worry about teeth becoming too white or looking unnatural, because the whitening formulations simply remove stains and restore your tooth’s base color. Some people are able to whiten their teeth by 6 shades in after just one visit.

Dental Bonding: composite bonding is perhaps the most versatile same-day treatment available in the dental world today. The process is so simple; our team applies custom-shaded resin to your teeth, and then cures it so that it hardens and bonds to the enamel. Dental bonding is used to achieve all kinds of results. You can close gaps between teeth, repair dental damage, resurface unsightly or stained enamel, lengthen disproportionately short teeth, and even make your smile appear better aligned. The entire process takes just one day.

CEREC Crowns: CEREC technology enables our team to create your custom dental crowns right here in our office. That means you can come to your appointment with unwanted dental damage, and leave the same day with a restored tooth. You don’t have to worry about scheduling multiple appointments or wearing an ill-fitting temporary crown.

As always, our O’Fallon dentists are here to provide you with any additional information and guidance that you may need. We are here to help!